Simple Statements by Marion Cage

Choosing gifts can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with someone’s taste. Sometimes, the simpler the gift, the better. I picked out a few of my favorite pieces by local jewelry designer, Marion Cage, that surely can translate to many different tastes and styles.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.31.13 PM

Swell Bangle - One of Marion’s best sellers, wear it alone or stacked with multiple metals or finishes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.31.35 PM

Small Beak Pendant - Simple yet striking, this necklace adds just the right amount of edge to any look.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.32.24 PM

Wood Point Drop Earrings - Easy to wear… these hand-carved wood dangles with silver caps are the perfect day-to-day earring.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.32.07 PM

Arabesque Cigar Band - My personal fav because I own it in black rhodium. It’s bold, yet incredibly delicate in its detail, this ring captures the timeless beauty of Persian decorative motifs.

Explore Marion’s website for your favorite piece or stop by her store on Magazine Street.

Marion Cage

3719 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70115


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Dries Van Noten at Weinstein’s

Though it may not feel like it, Autumn is just around the corner. The Dries Van Noten Winter Collection has arrived at Weinstein’s, so stop by today to see for yourself.



4011 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70115


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Admire It, Acquire It with Tyson Geary




Tyson Geary has an eye for design that you want. Looking for a little inspiration, we asked him to help us scout the best of local to usher in a new look to fit the cozy mood of fall. In this Admire It, Acquire It series, Tyson meets the challenge and creates a sitting room fit for a king!

1. Mirror from Balzac Antiques

2. “I Hurry to the Sea” painting from Mallory Page

3. Velvet throw pillow from Shaun Smith Home

4. Cashmere throw by Leontine Linens

5. Sofa from JADE

6. Glass lamps form Bremermann Designs

We hope that this series reminds you to invest in your town, walk in the door that you always pass, find the value in the cost and support the local businesses that make our city unique.

Tyson Geary Interiors


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P.S. Tyson also shares advice for creating that one last summer hurrah — indoors! You can read more here.


Clean Eating In New Orleans

In a city like ours, with so many amazing restaurants and our very own “cultish” cuisine, it can be hard to eat healthy. Jenn Rogers, Manager of Reyn Studios, shares a few tips on how to eat clean, even in New Orleans.


Jenn on clean eating…

“I believe in clean eating. There can’t be more truth to the saying ‘You are what you eat.’ If you are going to ask your body and mind to perform for you day in and day out at peak performance, why not fuel it with the best? Many people feel overwhelmed by the cost of organics or natural food, health and beauty selections. Though I do support Whole Foods stores, I am excited to finally see our local grocery chain, Rouses Foods, offering more of a selection. They also proudly feature and support many local farms and businesses throughout the store. They even have an aeroponic herb garden on the roof. It’s pretty impressive what they are up to these days.”



On Weight Loss…

“Everyone thinks to lose weight or eat healthily, you have to abstain. When you eat a diet of whole foods, you’re promoting a metabolism increase. The food you put in your body is fuel. We suggest smaller meals more often. When it’s time for a snack, look for something higher in protein and lower in sugar. Kind Bars have a great “Nuts and Spices” line that only has from 4 to 6 grams of sugar per bar. With the protein boost from sources such as almonds or flax seed, you can’t beat this snack!”


On Breakfast…

“Rehydrating and refueling after a good night’s sleep is essential. Give your brain and body the energy it needs to be at its best during the day. This organic, non-fat yogurt is a great source of probiotics, protein, and fiber to get you going. Stock up on a couple flavors to give yourself variety throughout the week. Need more energy? Add a low fat organic or natural source of grain like granola or oats on top. When choosing yogurt, read the ingredients. If there are any artificial flavors or sweeteners listed, put it back. These ingredients do the exact opposite of what a good yogurt does. Chemically based additives kill the good things in your stomach flora, leading to indigestion, bloating, and autoimmune disease.”


On Oils…

“There are a million different oils and sweeteners out there. All the choices can be overwhelming. Do your research. Each oil has a specific temperature or smoke point. Did you know that heating olive oil past its smoke point damages the good fat in the oil? We suggest using the right oil for each purpose. Olive oil is great for salads, dipping, or a low-temperature sauté. Cooking food at a high temp? Coconut oil is your go to. One more rule of thumb is to use extra virgin or unrefined oils. The label ensures that the oil is pure and has not been processed, stripping it again of the good fat and nutrients our bodies can use.”

organic section


“Rouses downtown has a great organic/natural section. It’s located in the middle of the store between the Bulk Foods and the Salad Bar. You can find Organic and Natural versions of just about any food you eat. They even have Organic and Natural hygiene and beauty products. Also they tend to be $2-$3 less than Whole Foods for the exact same product.”


On Rouses’ Salad Bar…

“Rouses has implemented their new and improved salad bars.  It used to take a trip to Whole Foods to get a grab-and-go healthy lunch along with your other groceries. But not anymore! They have expanded the options and the space. They have more non-animal sources of protein and healthy dressings. Remember… just because you’re eating a salad doesn’t mean you can’t rack up the calories. Stick to these guidelines when making your salad: dried fruit, nuts, and seeds are good for you in moderation. Too much of these can add a ton of sugar and fat. Dressing on the side! Choose an oil-based dressing and be aware of portions. Add your dressing on section by section.. this also keeps the uneaten portion of your salad crisp if you want to save it for later. How much protein do you need? Have you already eaten a source of animal protein today? Will you eat some more for dinner? Take this time to break from protein or find a non-animal source to draw from like chick peas or quinoa. Remember there is too much of a good thing.”


If you find all of this interesting but are feeling a bit overwhelmed, Jenn offers Nutrition Consultations. Inquire by contacting her at She will teach you all you need to know and monitor your progress to help you obtain maximum health.

Reyn Studios

725 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70130


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Last Minute Summer Getaway

Need one last summer getaway? Make it easy for yourself and check into the Windsor Court. Exclusive to Scout Guide followers, the best hotel in town is offering the Lap of Luxury special, a Full Suite and a $50 hotel credit, for two nights or more, starting at $225.


My girlfriends and I recently spent an entire weekend at the Windsor Court, so I can truly say this was the best little vacay. You feel far enough from home, don’t have to hassle with TSA or interstate traffic, you get to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of a nice hotel…the perks that make travel fun and refresh the soul!


We arrived on Friday and indulged with drinks and apps at the Polo Club Lounge, hiked to the Westbank for a yummy dinner at Mosca’s and then we ended up dancing on Frenchmen. The next day, we recovered with treatments from the Spa at the Windsor Court. (When you have a group, you can reserve a private room by contacting the Spa Director, Sharla Martin at 504-596-4736.) Take a look inside the Spa and read all of the reasons why locals love the Spa at the Windsor Court by clicking here.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sunbathing by the pool. We were spoiled rotten by our sweet pool attendant Peyton. We nibbled on heirloom tomato salads, poolside-made guacamole, and drank strawberry daiquiris. We were surprised to see just how many locals were at the pool, so it quickly turned into quite a fun pool party!

WC Pool Collage

I highly reccomend booking on the Club Level strictly for the awesome view of downtown New Orleans, but the complimentary cocktail hour with hor d’oeuvres certainly sweetened the deal.


We didn’t stick around just long enough the next morning, but I hear brunch at the Grill Room is definitely worth indulging in. The Lap of Luxury special expires on September 18th, so book now to enjoy this fine hotel and a weekend getaway in the best city in the world.

Windsor Court


300 Gravier Street

New Orleans, LA 70130


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SCOUTED: Artgasm by Ashley Longshore

Pop the bubbly because Ashley Longshore is starting an exclusive membership program for Ashley’s fans and collectors called Artgasm. It’s a surprise box for art lovers and created by one of our own LOCAL superstars! sal Collage

I asked Ashley to tell us about Artgasm, and here’s what she had to say…

Artgasm is a platform to make my art accessible to everyone in a cool way. Not in the traditional… ‘I’ve made a cheap print of an expensive painting’ way, but a way to bring my imagination to life with gifts for my collectors!!!! Although I will only accept a limited number of memberships per year, the lucky members will receive really cool objects… pill boxes, my painters palette such as bedazzled tote bags with giant tassels…basically very cool LIMITED edition pieces that THRILL me and INSPIRE me, and I believe will THRILL my customers!  Every thing will be HAND SIGNED! The members will get 4 LIMITED EDITION Ashley Longshore products throughout the year…with hand written letters from me…hand embellished surprises in the box! It’s really very cool for my people to be involved in my process…It’s inspiring to be able to think of new ways to delight my collectors and to do it in an ONGOING fashion. Artgasm gives collectors  ’multiples’ throughout the year. Everything the members will receive is meant to surprise and delight and keep me super-connected with them. We are living in an age where people can really be close to the artist and the process… this is a way to be even closer. We can have artgasms together.”

If you’re interested in joining this very exclusive, one-of-a-kind club, you can find more information and membership details by clicking here.

ashleylongshore If you think Ashley’s art is cool, Ashley is way cooler. What impresses me most about Ashley is her approach to her business. She is a mastermind at developing and promoting her brand and mentors other women with her business acumen. We love this savvy advice from Ashley herself.


Thank you Ashley for all of the advice and support that you have shared with me! If you didn’t know, I think you’re the

Longshore Studio Gallery

4848 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70115

(504) 458-550

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